Second Amendment

I will stand for nothing less than a nationwide, universal, constitution carry for every American citizen. The Constitution is the only permit needed to keep and bear arms.

To protect the people’s Second Amendment rights, I will propose legislation to:

  • Nullify all prohibitions against militias, citizens have the right to protect cities from domestic terrorism such as BLM and Antifa.
  • Nullify all state and federal restrictions on what types of firearms, ammunition, capacity, and accessories (e.g. bump stocks, suppressors, bulletproof vests) a citizen can purchase or sell. The citizens should have access to all of the same weapons that the government has.
  • Repeal the NFA.
  • Shut down the ATF and block any government agency from having those same unconstitutional powers.
  • Eliminate state age restrictions on what types of weapons an adult under 21 can purchase.
Paid for by Luis Miguel for Senate