With our troops back home from Afghanistan, it’s time we discuss the state of our military. There is an invasion of woke, far-left ideology that is feminizing and emasculating our military. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, cares more about understanding “white rage” than he does our country.

No more making our men walk in high heels. No more woke commercials coming from our army. No transgender surgeries are to be paid for by the government. There will be a total ban of CRT, cultural marxism, and socialist indoctrination from the military, the termination of those who teach it, and reinstating strict performative standards so that our soldiers can effectively protect our people.

I will use my authority within the Senate confirmation process of military officers to screen and vet candidates. There will be no more Marxists or Deep Staters entering our military—only patriots.

I will protect service members who face being purged for their conservative values or choice to not take the COVID shot. No more mandating this jab.

Our military should be protecting our own border from the crisis happening there. We should not be abroad nation-building, spending needless money in these wars or protecting foreign borders, or destroying our armed forces with woke propaganda. We will thoroughly fund the military for the resources they need and stop foreign wars that don’t interfere with national security.

War powers will be returned to Congress. The President should not have this power as it is unconstitutional.

We will bring our troops home and ensure that we don’t leave our people abandoned. We will help those who helped us by relocating them as needed. No more botched withdrawals that leave our people stranded.

To protect national security, I will propose legislation that:

  • Codifies in law the travel bans passed by Trump on terror hotspots.
  • Ends refugees coming in from terror hotspots. They will be relocated to other countries.
  • Ensures refugees can only come in with approval from states and localities. If no states or localities accept taking in refugees, they will be turned away.
  • Stops foreign entities from being given weapons or war supplies without congressional approval. We will not allow the CIA to generate war and conflict abroad.
  • Demilitarizes the alphabet agencies such as the ATF, IRS, and USPS.
  • Holds politicians personally accountable for allowing looting and rioting in their jurisdictions.
  • Launches a congressional investigation into BLM, Antifa, George Soros, and Kamala Harris. Harris promoted the Michigan Freedom Fund that freed rioters, one of which was charged with murder recently.
  • Deems BLM and Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations.

Most importantly, I will push to nullify all prohibitions against militias as they are constitutionally protected and are the last line of defense against violence and domestic terrorism. The people must be able to practice their Second Amendment right to protect themselves against violent groups such as BLM and Antifa.
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