Meet Luis


Bringing America Back

Luis isn’t a typical candidate for Senate. He’s not a lawyer. He’s not a career politician. He’s not funded by Wall Street.

He’s an everyday American who knows what it is to provide for a family, hoping to give your children a better future with better opportunities than the ones you had.

He’s a patriot who, like millions of people throughout our country, has come to realize that the corrupt Washington political system must be torn down before it completely destroys what’s left of our rights, our freedoms, our heritage, and our economy.

Luis was born in Los Angeles, California. He moved to Florida as a teenager and is proud to call himself a Floridian. He now lives in St. Augustine with his wife and three children. The Sunshine State is one of the great remaining bastions of liberty in the Union and must be defended against the left’s infiltration and subversion at all costs.

Fighting America’s Enemies

Growing up, Luis was always keenly aware of the immense impact government can have—for good or ill—on the lives of citizens. As was the case for many Americans, Donald Trump’s emergence on the political stage opened Luis’ eyes further to the full depth of the swamp that is D.C.

The Establishment enjoys putting the people against each other to take the attention off of itself and the fact that its only function is to enrich itself while impoverishing the working and middle classes, including by means of crushing debt.

While the mainstream media often talks about left vs. right and Democrat vs. Republican, the true enemy of the people is a group of global elites comprising the biggest multinational corporations, the old money dynasties, and the international and central banks.

Their goal is to reduce America and the people of all nations to a state of serfdom under a worldwide, totalitarian oligarchy that fuses socialism, technocracy, and corporatism. They are aided in this effort by Big Tech, the mainstream media, left-wing academics, violent Marxist revolutionary groups like Antifa, and other forces.

Luis has extensively exposed this anti-American, anti-freedom, and anti-Christian agenda as a contributor to some of the nation’s most prominent conservative and alternative publications. He has also worked to hold the line against the left in his own community by volunteering in grassroots political campaigns, participating in voter registration, and serving as an official in his county Republican Party.

Luis was even elected District Chairman in the St. Johns Republican Executive Committee, leading the work of getting out the vote for President Trump in the 2020 election. During that time, he also served as Communications Director for the county party.

Additionally, Luis’ background includes working at one of the top political consulting firms in the country, developing creative campaigns which contributed to the election of some of the most well-known conservative icons in state and national politics. 

Due to his writings and insights, Luis has regularly been tapped to speak on a variety of conservative radio programs, including Bill Martinez Live, The Daily Review with Keith Hanson, and Focus Today with Perry Atkinson.

Luis has also worked alongside local patriot organizations, such as the Tea Party.

Why He’s Running

During the summer of 2020, Luis became involved in the struggle against extreme leftwing groups that sought to impose censorship, historical revisionism, and, in some cases, violence on North Florida.

Luis helped organize gatherings of hundreds of patriots in St. Augustine and Palatka to stand against Marxists seeking to topple veterans’ memorials. These standoffs were attended by gun-carrying Antifa and members of affiliated terrorist groups.

Thanks to the strong patriot turnout, there was no burning, looting, or formation of “autonomous zones” in our neighborhoods.

During these experiences, however, Luis discovered that virtually all elected officials at every level of local, state, and federal government turned a blind eye to the cause of the Florida patriots, even though most of these elected officials were Republicans.

The complicity of most Republicans in the theft of the 2020 presidential election only cemented Luis’ frustration in the political class and confirmed his belief that a new generation of leaders is needed—not government insiders, but real Americans from every walk of life who are willing to fight for this country without regard to political correctness or slanted coverage from the likes of CNN and The New York Times.

That’s why Luis entered this race. It’s time to retire every RINO and establishment hack in the Capitol. And Marco Rubio is at the top of the list.

At this crucial juncture for America, we can’t depend on a Do-Nothing Neocon like Rubio. We can’t afford amnesty from his planned resurrection of the Gang of Eight. We can’t forgive the fact that he pretended to be a new Reagan to get elected, only to vote with the radical left once his seat was secure.

We’ve known for years that Marco Rubio must go. But we didn’t have a better choice. Now we do.

Vote Luis Miguel for Senate.

Together, let’s restore America.
Paid for by Luis Miguel, Republican candidate for State Representative District 19