This isn’t immigration. This is an invasion. We must finish the wall and use our military for what it’s for—repelling the invasion of our country. Why are we protecting other nations’ borders but not our own?

I stand against Biden and the Democrats’ open border policies. We must push back against the Radical Left’s calls to abolish ICE.

My opponent, Marco Rubio, has even supported legislation that sought amnesty for over 11 million illegal immigrants in the form of the Gang of Eight bill. 

Unlike him, I will fight to secure our borders. I will bring forward a repatriation program that:

  • Sends illegal aliens back home.
  • Ends chain migration, the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery, and Birthright citizenship in the United States.
  • Penalizes employers, lawyers, NGOs, and non-profits that aid illegal immigrants in breaking federal law.
  • Ensures prison sentences for seditionist politicians that create sanctuary cities and/or refuse to cooperate with ICE. If keeping an illegal alien leads to the death of an American, the responsible politician will face the death penalty.
  • On day 1 of this program, deploys the military to secure the southern border until the wall is complete.
  • Deems asylum seekers that enter the United States illegally ineligible.
  • Formalizes the Remain in Mexico policy under legislation.
  • Bans illegal aliens from attending our public schools or receiving a driver’s license.
  • Ends worker visas in every industry by putting an end to the H-1B Program.
  • Puts a 10-year moratorium on immigration.
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